Windshear Waste

・Claptrap's Place
・Frostbite Crevasse

Southern Shelf

・Liar's Berg
・Gateway Harbor
・Wreak of the Ice Sickle
・The Soaring Dragon

Southern Shelf - Bay

・BlackBurn Cove
・Ice Flows

Three Horns - Divide

・Fishguts Outpost
・Windbreak Camp
・The Drydocks
・Thirty Below
・Snowbound Crossroads

Three Horns - Valley

・The Frostsprings
・Split Skull Bay
・Shock Fossil Cavern
・Happy Pig Motel
・Bloodshot Slums


・Crimson Raiders HQ

Southpaw Steam & Power


Frostburn Canyon

・Frozen Ant Lake
・Blacktoe Cavern
・Ashmouth Camp
・Blisterpus Camp
・Incinerator Camp
・Firehawk Lair

The Dust

・Ellie's Garage
・Bug Gulch
・Hodunk Speedway
・Goose's Roost
・Boot Hill
・Old Dahlwell Oasis
・Moonshiner's Shack

Bloodshot Stronghold

・Satan's Suckhole
・Rat's Nest

Bloodshot Ramparts

・Shrine of the Gunbringer

Friendship Gulag


Tundra Express

・Varkid Ranch
・Varkid Ranch Observatory
・Skittering Mound
・Buzzard Academy
・Tiny Tina's Workshop
・Ripoff Station
・Meltwater Crossing
・Mount Molehill Mine
・Old Man Johnson's Farm

End of the Line

・Snowblind Defile
・Terminus Plateau

The Fridge

・Frigid Cleft
・Stalker Hollow
・Icemaw Grotto
・The Rakk Cave
・Crystal Claw Pit
・The Rat Maze

Fink's Slaughterhouse

・Fink's Slaughter Factory

The Highlands - Outwash

・Hyperion Extraction Plant
・Orbital Receiving & Processing

The Highlands

・Mercury Induction Station
・Isotope Reclamation Tower
・Lake Shining Horizons
・Frothing Creek Mill
・Aggregate Acquisition
・Whispering Riverbed
・Blake Bridge
・Hunter's Bane
・Old Cranky's Pond

The Holy Spirits

・Ale Wee Cavern

Sanctuary Hole


Caustic Caverns

・Dahl Deep Core 06
・Nether Hive
・Varkid Ramparts
・Abandoned Mining Site
・Guardian Ruins
・infested Warehouse
・Rumbling Shore
・Oozing Discharge

Wildlife Exploitation Preserve

・Casa de Mordecai
・Preserve Dockyard
・Observation Wing
・Specimen Maintenance
・Bloodwing Enclosure

Thousand Cuts

・Central Core Supply Depot
・Control Core Loading Dock
・Competitor Deterrence Field
・No Man's Land
・Bloody Knuckle Point
・Slab Town
・Broke Face Bridge
・Buzzard Factory


・The Grinders
・Death Row Refinery
・The Old Mine
・Main Street
・Gunslinger's Corner


・The Pits
・Residential Quarter
・Orbital Delivery Zone
・Waterfront District
・Opportunity Square
・Living Legend Plaza
・Hyperion Office Complex

The Bunker

Control Core Angel

Marcus Munitions Storeroom


Eridium Blight

・Human Dwelling Place
・Bruiseboulder Quarry
・Eridium Extraction Plant
・Infested Grotto
・The Slag Scar
・Grandma's House
・Slagma Vapor Extraction
・Slagma Refinery
・Mount Hellsfont
・Lover's Leap

Ore Chasm


Sawtooth Cauldron

・Main Street Reservoir
・Avie's Camp
・Cramfist's Foundry
・The Buzzard Nest
・Scalding Remnants
・Sawtooth Stilts
・Smoking Guano Grotto

Arid Nexus - Bonyard

・Eridium Pump Station 1,2,3
・Hyperion Truth Network
・Loader Maintenence Depot
・Transmix Regulator Station

Arid Nexus - Badlands

・T.K. Baha's House
・Hyperion Info Stockade

Hero's Pass

・Guardian Slag Heap
・Emergency Supp;y Cache
・Drift Mouth Access

Vault of the Warrior

Terramorphous Peak

Natural Selection Annex(DLC)